Gun-Shaped Accessories Do Not Travel Well


The shoes that caused one woman to stay at BWI airport longer than she expected. Lara Croft, next time maybe pack some L.K. Bennetts and be done with it. (Photo: @TSAmedia_LisaF)

If there’s anything Americans love, it’s firearms, but try taking your piece – or something that looks like it – to the airport. Yeah … good luck getting through a TSA checkpoint with that. A woman going through the Baltimore-Washington International airport learned this the hard way when she had to sacrifice fashion in order to get to her final destination on time.

The woman in question was traveling with a pair of very heavy, metallic-finish platform pumps in her carry-on that boasted a replica of a gun barrel as the heel, with bullet-shaped flourishes decorating the platform.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein called such accessories “less than ideal to wear or bring to a TSA checkpoint,” noting that the traveler was delayed because she wanted to bring this pair of platforms along. “Realistic replica firearms and ammunition are not permitted past TSA checkpoints,” she added. Time magazine says it’s unclear how long the woman was actually delayed, but if we know anything about traveling, waiting even five extra minutes at an airport seems like an eternity. Instead of transferring the shoes to her checked bag, she just left them in order to get to her flight on time. Priorities, man.

America: We love guns, but not so much on planes.

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