Guide Dog Getting Denied Public Access Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

This should’ve never happened.

TikTok user @myeyes_marli is visually impaired and her guide dog Marli has been by her side for the past 4 years. Throughout those years together as a team, the two of them have never been denied access to a public space. But that all changed recently.

In this video, which has over 3.3 million views, she explained that she was denied access for the very first time. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses can only ask two questions to service dog handlers, which she answered. And even after explaining herself, the reason why she was denied access will break your heart into pieces.

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Ugh, we can’t believe this. They weren’t doing anything wrong. Marli is a clearly marked service animal who is helping her owner, but she was still asked to show detailed medical documentation even though the ADA states staff cannot ask or require it to gain entry. This makes us so upset and we sure hope they never have to go through that again.

“As a restaurant manager, I would NEVER have the audacity to ask what a clearly marked service dog is needed for,” wrote @snowcattish. We hope that would be the same for everyone but apparently, it’s not because this situation occurred. @thecool1 added, “The guide dog is basically her eyes. They should never ever deny you.” That’s what we’re saying!

TikTokers are coming to her defense and wanting her to sue. As she should because this company clearly violated the ADA. One TikToker even asked her to name the place. She responded by saying, “Keeping it private for now as it is pending litigation.” We’ll be anxiously awaiting the result of this! And until then, we hope she never ever gets denied again.

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