Gucci is selling grass-stained jeans for $770

If you’ve ever questioned why someone would pay a premium for jeans that are already ripped. then you’re seriously not going to like Gucci’s newest denim offering for men. The fashion house is currently selling an “eco washed organic denim pant” online for $770 a pair . the jeans are deliberately stained to look like you just rolled around in freshly mowed grass. According to the product description, the high-end jeans are “specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect” . Gucci is also selling a pair of denim overalls that are similarly stained for a cool $1,100, or $1,400 on its U.S. website. On social media, people weren’t too thrilled with Gucci’s new overpriced denim offerings. “Wrong on all levels,” one person said about the grass-stained pants. “What fools they make of people,” a third user commented