GTA 6 Leaks: All The Grand Theft Auto Info We’ve Learned So Far

It’s the most highly-anticipated video game—probably ever—because it’s been 10 years since the previous iteration. And now we have the trailer, the GTA 6 leaks and rumors are coming in hot and fans are desperate for more details. We are HUNGRY.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s a record-breaking franchise created by Rockstar, headed up by founders Terry Donovan, Gary Foreman, Dan and Sam Houser, and Jamie King. It was first released in 1997 on the PlayStation 1 and PC and featured a top-down perspective within an open-world environment. The game was a best-seller in the UK and by November 1998, global shipments to retailers of Grand Theft Auto‘s computer and PlayStation versions had surpassed 1 million units combined.

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That’s nothing compared to the behemoth this IP is now. The game’s fifth iteration, Grand Theft Auto V which was released in September 2013, has sold over 190 million units worldwide and earned its creators $7.7 billion, making it the highest-grossing entertainment product ever. It still boasts around 220,000 monthly concurrent players, notably in its GTA 5 Online format where up to 30 players can freely roam across a re-creation of the single-player world and enter lobbies to complete jobs (story-driven competitive and cooperative modes).

“Books tell you something, movies show you something, games let you do something. Open-world games have an enormous strength, creatively,” Houser told the New York Times at GTA 5‘s release. “As well as letting you do something — run around, fly a helicopter, be the hero, be the antihero, whatever — they also let you be in the world, passively. So we’ve taken some of the things the director used to control within the movie and handed it to you as the consumer of the medium.”

He continued: “It’s a world brought to life, in which you are able to exist and explore and have the benefits of some kind of narrative pull-through, a world that exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. We’ve made something that sort of is Los Angeles and sort of isn’t. And that’s deliberate, that it isn’t an exact replication of it. We wanted this post-crash feeling, because it works thematically in this game about bank robbers. And that seems like it’s going to endure through the next year.”

More than 10 years after this gargantuan release, Rockstar has blessed us with a trailer for the hotly anticipated follow-up. Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in the fictional city of Vice City which is inspired by Miami, Florida. Now onto those GTA 6 leaks and rumors and let’s watch the trailer one more time.

GTA 6 leaks: The cast

The cast list of GTA 6 hasn’t been released yet, but already fans are discussing their theories at length for who voices the franchise’s first female protagonist (technically she’s the third because there were female avatars in the first GTA but as far as I’m concerned, “avatars” do not equal “protagonist”).

Lucia is one of possibly two playable protagonists in GTA 6 and some fans think she’s voiced by Natalie Morales, who you’d recognize as Lucy Santo Domingo from Parks & Rec. It makes sense, as Morales was born in Miami, Florida, and is of Cuban descent.

Another voice fans are throwing around is Michelle Rodriguez, most famous for the Fast & Furious film franchise—yeah, this one makes sense, too. We do also have to point out the frenzy around Leslie Lluvet, an actor who voiced Zenia from Far Cry 6, who was being bombarded by fans online. “Im getting bombared with message on the New grand theft auto game. I’m not lucia y’all. I’m Zenya [sic] from @farcry_6_game stop messaging me people lol @farcrygame,” she tweeted.

Rockstar doesn’t usually hire “famous” actors, however, so Morales and Rodriguez are unlikely candidates for the role of Lucia. For 2002’s Vice City, Ray Liotta and Burt Reynolds voiced the characters Tommy Vercetti and Avery Carrington, while Gary Busey played Phil Cassidy. Houser recalled having an argument with Reynolds about the direction of a scene from 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which ended with Reynolds yelling, “Get the limey out of here.”

“I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, poor bugger,” Houser told Vulture in 2018, “but we don’t bring in name actors anymore because of their egos and, most important of all, because we believe we get a better sense of immersion using talented actors whose voices you don’t recognize.”

As for Jason (although we’re not sure that’s his name), TV star Bryan Zampella, who has recently appeared on WestworldCriminal Minds, and NCIS: Los Angeles, has been rumored to voice the second lead character. Not all fans are convinced, though. One Reddit subthread thinks that it’s none other than The Last of Us‘ Troy Baker, who voiced Joel in the first and second games. A true legend of the industry, but unlikely.

GTA 6 leaks: The release date

According to the trailer, GTA 6 will be released in 2025. Sometime. Which according to Reuters, “disappointing some investors who expected the latest installment of the best-selling franchise to release sooner.” Um yeah gamers, too.

“There is still no exact release date, so fears of a delay into holiday 2025 … will immediately ensue,” Jefferies analyst Andrew Uerkwitz speculated. “A February/March 2025 release date could indeed deliver Take-Two’s guidance of about $8 billion in bookings in financial year 2025 and growth in 2026,” Uerkwitz said. Given Rockstar’s penchant for releasing games in the final part of the year, we don’t expect GTA 6 until October 2025, maybe September if we’re lucky.

GTA 6 leaks: The map

Ok, we already know GTA 6 is based in Vice City, a fictional and somewhat satirical take on Miami, Florida (although, it’s worth pointing out that a lot of those people in the trailer are based on real-life Floridians). We know Vice City; it was the setting for the franchise’s fourth main entry in the GTA series.

However, we can anticipate the map being considerably larger than the 2002 release—and that of GTA 5—and GTA 6 will feature surrounding environments in the greater state of Leonida. The official description from Rockstar reads: “Grand Theft Auto 6 heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet.”

One unsubstantiated leak shows the map of Leonida next to a map of Los Santons from GTA 5 showing just how much bigger the world will be. A speculative map from a year before the trailer leaked was posted on Reddit and reshared on X (formerly Twitter), showing that the Bermuda Triangle could be included in the game’s geography.

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