This Grinch-Inspired Bread Loaf Is So Good That It’d Please The Grinch Himself

Kelly Allen
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This Grinch-Inspired Bread Loaf Is So Good That It’d Please The Grinch Himself

From Delish

The only activity better than eating bread is eating it from an aesthetically-pleasing loaf. In the spirit of Christmas, a TikTok account run by bread artists made a Grinch-inspired rosemary sourdough loaf. It’s so stunning that it’d please the Grinch himself.

The account @cottageloaves is behind this impeccable creation. In a time lapse video, we get to see how the creator used food coloring to paint the Grinch’s face onto the dough before it was baked in Le Creuset cookware. For more detail, the creator used a razor and scissors to score the dough. The scoring makes the Grinch look raised and almost adds a wreath-like effect.

Following the video showing how this Grinch-inspired work-of-art was made, the creator shared how they wrapped the loaf. The wrapping is just as dreamy to watch as the loaf-making process. It involved festive bells, string, foliage, berries, and labels. “We can’t wait to give this to our neighbor’s children who love Mr. Grinch,” the account wrote in the caption of the video. Ugh! Adorable. Can we get a reaction video for that?

It’s no surprise people went bonkers for this Grinch loaf in the comments. If you, too, are obsessed, the account has many more videos of gorgeous loaves where that came from—especially holiday-themed ones. Right now, there are loaves with a candy cane, gingerbread man, sparkly wreath, holly, doves, and crown design on them. There's also a Hanukkah-inspired one with a menorah on it. Check them all out here.

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