Grieving Daughter Received Inspiration From Heaven: "The Words Just Kept Coming!"

For the last 20 years Woman’s World magazine has featured the weekly “My Guardian Angel” column, where real women share first-person accounts of their amazing encounters with Angels. Now, we are sharing those heartwarming stories of loving comfort, Heaven-sent helpers and miraculous rescues online with the mission of continuing to spread hope and light.

Here, Woman’s World reader Richenda Janeen Hershey shares how she was inspired to write a poem about her late mother that brought her peace.

Richenda’s Guardian Angel story told in her own words:

My mother died in January of 2020. I was an only child, and it was always me and Mom. We were best friends, and I always knew I could count on God and her to love me — no matter what.

Richenda and her mother, Iona when she was a girl
Richenda and her mother, Iona when she was a girl

Mom was such a hard worker and the best role model any daughter could ask for, but her last six years were hard. She moved in with my family, and I became her caregiver. Seeing her like this just crushed my heart and soul.

During her last month, she was in a hospice facility, and I stayed with her for seven days. Some days she spoke, and others we just sat holding hands.

Richenda and Iona shared a strong bond and unconditional love My Guardian Angel
Richenda and Iona shared a strong bond and unconditional love

One day, it began to snow. It was calming to watch it. Mom looked out the window and, surprisingly, she spoke one word. “Beautiful.” I asked, “The snow?” She said, “No…us."

After a week at hospice, they sent Mom home with about a week or so to live. When she died, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt so broken. Still, I knew Mom would send me a sign. But nothing happened. I had no dreams. No cardinals landed on my fence and no fragrant flowers filled the air that reminded me of Mom. Why hadn’t she come to me? We were so close, so why didn’t she let me know she was okay?

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A few weeks passed, and I was thinking about this again on my way to the store. Then, suddenly, it was as if someone was dictating a poem to my mind. As the lines came into my head, I dictated them to my phone.

You held my hand when I cried, 

You made my tears go away.

We were a beautiful us,

Why couldn’t you stay?

You loved and protected me,

There was no fear,

Now I just need you; need you right here.

I want to talk with you,

Walk with you; cry, laugh and share,

I miss the beautiful us, which was ever so rare.

The life that He gave us, was our ‘Beautiful Us’.

There are people that love us and people we love,

But we all must go back to His greatness above.

I will see you again, His promise is real,

Knowing and believing this, makes my heart heal.

Again, I will talk with you,

Walk with you; cry, laugh and share,

We’ll be the beautiful us, which is part of my prayer.

The life that He gave us, was our ‘Beautiful Us’.

Each verse talked about the love Mom and I shared and how we would be together again. We were and always would be “Beautiful Us.”

Iona's grave engraved with words from Richenda's 'Beautiful Us' poem My Guardian Angel
Iona's grave engraved with words from Richenda's 'Beautiful Us' poem

I asked my goddaughter to put the poem to music since she was gifted with such a talent. Within one hour, she had the melody, sang and recorded it, and emailed it to me.

As I listened, I sobbed. I believe Mom and God were working on this together. She wanted me to know that we will always be a “Beautiful Us.” I had the phrase put on her gravestone with a photo of us.

She always will be my amazing mom who was the reason for us being a “Beautiful Us.”

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Portrait of Janeen's mother and son Jakob that she gifted to him after 'Gammy' passed away My Guardian Angel
Portrait of Richenda's mother and her son Jakob that Richenda painted for him after 'Gammy' passed away

An Angel expert weighs in…

Angel expert, Sunny Dawn Johnston
Angel expert, Sunny Dawn Johnston

“What an incredible story about a beautiful bond! There is so much love in this wonderful story. God sends our angels to deliver messages that our hearts need to hear," says Sunny Dawn Johnson, a global authority on the angelic realm, with a portfolio of 22 books, including popular titles such as Invoking the Archangels, The Love Never Ends, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers. "Sometimes, as in Richenda’s case, it isn’t as soon as we would like it. It is hard to understand, at the moment, why we aren’t having the visits, the dreams or the signs from our loved ones. However, in my experience and Richenda’s, they always come through. It just isn’t always in our human timing—it’s in Divine timing. And it is well worth the wait!” Read more of Sunny’s insightful stories here.

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