‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Think There’s a Secret Meaning Behind Something [SPOILER] Said Last Night

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Photo credit: ABC

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[There are spoilers ahead for last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. Please exit this post if you haven’t watched last night’s ep and prefer not to have it spoiled for you!]

Alright, people. The Grey’s Anatomy reunions continued last night with the return of another key member from the original cast. The second now-deceased friend Meredith saw on the beach (after the appearance of Derek Shepherd in the season premiere) was, as many predicted, George O’Malley (T. R. Knight). Yay! Fun! The two had a sweet heart-to-heart that had fans absolutely melting, but fans also think there was a secret meaning behind one of the lines in the show. Let’s get into it.

At one point during their scenes together, Meredith and George were talking about his death, and he said to her, “I would have stayed if I could have.” That’s a very “Oh my god, I’m gonna cry” moment, but eagle-eyed (-eared?) fans think there’s something more to that line and that it’s actually a nod—and maybe some subtle shade—at how T. R. left the show.

In case you don’t remember, there was major drama when T. R. departed Grey’s, and it was partially because of Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Preston Burke. T. R. and Isaiah got into a fight on-set, in which Isaiah referred to T. R. as an F-word (a common homophobic slur). That became major news. T. R. then came out publicly, and in the next season, noticed that his character had significantly less screen time. (FWIW, T. R. and Shonda Rhimes, who was running the show at the time, have different accounts of what happened in the wake of Isaiah’s comments to T. R.) That’s when he decided to leave. “There just comes a time when it’s so clear that moving on is the best decision,” he’s said in interviews after the fact.

Fans think that line in last night’s episode is really about T. R. leaving Grey’s. Like, he would have stayed on the show if he could have, but it didn’t work out that way. Fans on Reddit pointed it out after the episode aired. One said, “‘I would have stayed if I could have.’ I know this isn’t Shonda shade but it fits so well considering how T. R. Knight left the show.” It would be a little surprising if it was supposed to be shady considering Shonda does still have *some* say in the show, but also, weirder things have happened!

Thinking about a potential double meaning here makes the line even more of a gut punch. So tune in next week to maybe be even more devastated!

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