Greyhound's Unique Alternative to Swimming Is a Total Vibe

This dog plays by his own rules.

Tomato the Greyhound isn't just unique because of his name. This dog does his own thing no matter what everyone else is up to, so his owner probably wasn't surprised to see his alternative to swimming. Still, his TikTok followers are eating it up!

Every video from this pup's account--@tomatothegreyhound--is as cute as the last, but we think the popular clip of Tomato's beach day just might be our favorite. He's such a funny dog!

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We just can't get enough of Tomato! Every detail, from his relaxed demeanor to the way he seems to melt into the water, has us smiling from ear to ear. And we aren't the only ones!

"That is the most Greyhound thing ever," said commenter @tobsta. We suppose they're not so fond of swimming! To be fair, sitting and relaxing in the water does seem a lot less taxing than dog paddling everywhere. We suppose it's whatever floats your boat!

"The man's confident in his height he doesn’t need to swim," @thatredheadsrh added. LOL! It's true though--this dog has legs for days. He can sit comfortably in the water without worrying about being too short, and he still gets all the best views.

@Alexanderthegreat_336 shared, "Our dog did something similar. She'd go in until the water touched her stomach, and then she'd just stand there for 25 to 45 minutes. And then she'd get out again." Sounds about right! Sometimes a pup just needs a good soak, so we're glad they're able to sit in the water to relax.

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