Greyhound's Elated Reaction to Finally Having a Backyard Is Full of Pure Joy

It always amazes us at how little it takes to make dogs smile. Some play time or a walk around the neighborhood truly makes their entire day. But if you're anything like us, you want to give them even more because well, they're our whole world.

TikTok user @eggs.bennett recently moved from an apartment to a home with a backyard. It's not that this Greyhound wasn't happy before. His owner just wanted to give him more and his reaction is so full of joy. Take a look!

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O.M.G. Stop it! We can't handle this adorableness! He got instant zoomies after he realized this was his new home and we have a feeling those zoomies are going to continue for a while every time he steps into that backyard. Our hearts would melt every time watching him run around if we were in this owner's shoes.

"He said, 'This is mine.' And took off!!" commented @denise_and_onyx. As he should! No more apartment living. He's now royalty with a backyard to call his own. Again, isn't it amazing how something so simple like a backyard makes the world of difference for dogs? This should teach us to all enjoy the little things in life.

Fret not if you don't have a backyard for your fur baby. There are still plenty of activities you can do with them while in an apartment. Besides daily walks, there are plenty of toy options that can give them an extra challenge like a kong or puzzles. It's also important to stick to a routine with them as dogs are creatures of habit and tons of exercise.

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