'Grey’s Anatomy' Fans Uncovered Big Clues About Meredith and Nick’s Future After She Leaves

'Grey’s Anatomy' Fans Uncovered Big Clues About Meredith and Nick’s Future After She Leaves

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This story contains spoilers from Grey's Anatomy season 19.

Grey's Anatomy fans, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) might be able to count on Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) in the long run.

With only four episodes into season 19, the hit ABC show has already delivered a number of twists. Between unexpected family connections and potential ways Meredith's season exit might be shown on-screen, fans are curious about what will happen to the current chief of surgery's relationship status with Nick.

The two just rekindled their romance after an emotional goodbye in season 18. But while dealing with oldest daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs)'s anxiety and her passion to find a cure for Alzheimer's, Meredith may not stay in her position much longer. What's more, next week's promo indicates her traveling to Boston to talk to Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) about possible new career paths.

Despite Meredith's current emotional and professional confusions, fans on social media are certain about one thing: her relationship with Nick will stay intact.

When a user on Reddit brought up the idea of Meredith potentially uprooting her family to Boston, they voiced their concerns about how the residency program director will factor into this. "I think she will work in Boston too," they wrote. "Also makes me weary of her relationship with Nick ... I like Nick for her, I'd like them to be end game at this point."

Other users had similar feelings, and they took to other platforms to share how great the couple works together. "I love how Nick takes Meredith with all the things that come with being Meredith Grey," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Nick not even hesitating to go drive Meredith to get Zola I'M FAINT," another TV-goer exclaimed. "Nick is great with Mer’s kids. The way he cares is just natural and deeply genuine. He would make the greatest stepdad and it’s just true," a different viewer added.

While Meredith and Nick's relationship seems to be up in the air, there may be a clue as to whether they'll stay together if she relocates. When TV Insider first announced Scott's return to the medical drama, the outlet noted he would be rejoining in a recurring role. Coupled with Meredith's tenure only spanning eight episodes this season, it's likely the two will stay together — even if it means starting over in a new city.

"Well, Scott Speedman was said to have been demoted to recurring," a fellow Reddit user wrote. "So I'm fairly certain Nick would just go with Meredith, leaving the residency program back to Richard (Webber) [James Pickens Jr]."

We'll just have to wait till next week's episode to find out if this all will ring true.

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