Greta Gerwig shares her favorite books with Jenna Bush Hager on "Open Book"

For this episode of "Open Book," Jenna Bush Hager sat down with Greta Gerwig, actress and director of the Oscar-nominated film "Little Women," to talk all things March sisters and share some of her favorite books.

Gerwig told Jenna that she read Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" numerous times as a child, and then again as a 30-year-old. "I couldn't believe how modern it was, it felt like I never read it before," she said of reading of the book as an adult.

She credits her love of the novel and other works of Alcott's for guiding her through the process of creating her own adaptation of the book. Gerwig also shared her other favorite books, including what she would read if she was stranded on a desert island.

Read on for some of Gerwig's favorite reads.

1. Normal People: A Novel

Gerwig called 2019's "Normal People" one of her favorite books of the year. The New York Times bestseller is a tale of the law of attraction: Two star-crossed lovers who pretended not to know each other in high school but find each other a year later while studying in Ireland.

2. Conversations With Friends: A Novel

"Normal People" doesn't hold the lone title of Gerwig's favorite book of the year — the director also credited another one of Rooney's work as one of her can't-miss picks.

The novel traces the friendship of Frances and Bobbi and the perils of adulthood that can put a strain on even the best of friends. The novel is even on sale for 25% off the original price as part of Amazon's deals on great reads for 2020.

3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Leather-bound Classics)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Leather-bound Classics)

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What book would Gerwig take with her if she were stranded on a desert island? She couldn't pick just one. "Am I allowed to take complete works of Shakespeare?" Gerwig asked Jenna.

"We would find you on the island and you would be speaking in a different dialect and then we would be like — Greta can really do it all," Jenna joked.

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