Greg Grippo and Bri Springs Were Spotted Out Together in NYC Following His ‘Bachelorette’ Implosion

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Greg Grippo appears to be moving on in the wake of his controversial Bachelorette exit. What’s the evidence of said moving on, you ask? The 28-year-old marketing sales rep was spotted out and about in New York City with Bachelor alum Bri Springs.

Greg and Bri were spotted not by paparazzi but by a member of Bachelor Nation, apparently. The fan snapped pics of the pair and then did the lord’s work and sent them in to the hardworking people at @bachelornation.scoop on Instagram.

The fan didn’t just photo-stalk Greg and Bri though. They actually approached them for a picture and were, apparently, fully rebuffed.

“Bri from Matt’s season and Greg spotted in NYC,” the Bachelor Nation tipster wrote to the account of their encounter with the pair. “I literally asked for a picture and Greg didn’t speak, but Bri basically spoke for him and was like, ‘He said no, we are trying to be discreet.’”

@bachelornation.scoop later shared a second picture from Bri and Greg’s adventures in NYC, which included an attempted stop at Chelsea lounge Noir. Emphasis on *attempted* because they reportedly “couldn’t get in” to the 1920s-inspired spot.

“Outside of noir last night,” the follower who sent in the second snap wrote. “Guess fame hasn’t hit them yet ’cause they couldn’t get in, but I see this happening.”

If Greg and Bri have formed a love connection, of course, they would be following in a long tradition of Bachelor Nation alums who forged love connections outside of their seasons (see, for example, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, who announced their engagement this spring). Many commenters on the posts were quick to point out the very true fact that hanging out doesn’t mean Bri and Greg are dating, while others were basically like, “No, Bri, don’t” to the entire possibility of the pairing. Officially watching this situation for developments.

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