Great Pyrenees Who Didn't Get a Home for Christmas Is Breaking Hearts

This precious girl needs a home!

Over the holidays we saw so many wonderful, heartwarming stories of adoption, and it breaks our heats to think of all the animals in shelters who still need their forever homes. Foster homes do such a wonderful job of filling the gap between caring for an animal that is yet to be adopted before they can go home to their new owners. It can be such a heartbreaking labor of love for those fosters who can't seem to find the right home for their dog or cat. 

One of these amazing fosters, TikTok user @TraceyFosterling, is a rescue advocate out of Florida who can't believe a gorgeous Great Pyrenees by the name of Penny still hasn't found a home yet. Watch the following to see this beautiful girl!

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Bless people who foster animals to the moon and back. Some of the comments are exclaiming "No way I could foster that dog. She’d be mine forever." But the reality is, no foster can keep every animal they care for, as Tracy explains in this video here. @user6990026683392 understands this, and comments, "Very sincere when I say this. Bless you for loving her being her foster. Ignore the “why can’t you…”statements. What you’re doing is amazing." 100 percent agreed! The point of fostering is to give a dog and safe and loving home and get it ready for its forever home. 

Tracy adds, "Penny is available for adoption through the national Great Pyrenees rescue!" So if you are interested in this gorgeous dog, you can find more information here

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