Is Publix Open On Memorial Day?

Is Publix Open On Memorial Day?

If you are a planner, you are probably already well-versed in our Memorial Day recipes, have written your grocery lists, and have planned out all your make-ahead dishes. If you're not a planner, however, you'll probably be be scrambling for ingredients last minute and going through the fridge and pantry wondering if you can serve instant ramen and stale Chex Mix at a backyard barbecue.

We're not judging you at all. We are just here to let you know that if you need to go shopping on Memorial Day this year to pad out that lovely menu, you can totally count on Publix for all your last minute shopping needs.Yes, Publix locations will be open this Memorial Day, May 30. What a relief.

There are a number of holidays during which Publix shuts down shop, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, but this isn't one of them. So let us all say: God Bless America (and Publix). You can get what you need the day of, like everything for grilled chicken and a classic macaroni salad that'll have guests impressed. Just be sure to check in with your local Publix, because hours can vary from location to location.

In the past, Publix pharmacies have been closed on Memorial Day, so keep that in mind if you need something on that front. But you can leave buying the burger buns for the day of, because sometimes it's fun to live on the edge, you know? Happy Memorial Day!

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