Grandiose Mascara Has Good Reason to Brag

·Senior Editor

Every new mascara claims to boast a life-changing magic wand, ready to grant you the lashes of your dreams, but this time it’s true. Lancome Grandiose Mascara ($32) doesn’t look, or work, like any other wand. They call their curvy wand, bent at a 25-degree angle, a swan-neck wand, and it bends in sync with the curves of your face; it’s shockingly intuitive to use. Instead of twisting your hand into unnatural positions to reach the inner corner of your eye, the outter lash, or even the bottom, this bad boy latches on to lashes at the root and combs through for a lifted, lengthy clump-free look.

What about what’s on the wand? It’s the Lancome mascara you know and love, an ultra-light formula that lasts all day, doesn’t flake, and is a cinch to remove. Best of all: the unique bendy shape of the applicator actually seals air into the bottle, mixing the makeup in from the sides to keep it fresh. Just one more reason why standing out from the pack is a very good thing.