This Is What 'Grand Theft Auto V' Looks Like on the Game Boy

German developer Sebastian Staacks has found a way to "play" Grand Theft Auto V on a Game Boy console.

In a lengthy blog post accompanied by a video, Staacks explained that he uses his WiFi Game Boy cartridge to "stream full resolution video and even play games" on the Nintendo console. ComicBook reports that the video game is originally on a PlayStation console and is then sent to a Linux laptop that sends the information to the WiFi Game Boy cartridge.

To conclude his blog post, Staacks wrote:

"With this new demo, many other demos almost become obsolete. I can display anything and I can control anything that can be displayed on and controlled by my PC. Of course, the interface and image are almost unusable this way, so some dedicated implementations might still be interesting. And also, I did not touch audio here, which unfortunately was a big oversight by me when designing this cartridge.

I hope to see other projects picking up on this code example as the WiFi module can of course be replaced by plenty of memory to show full screen video on the Game Boy."

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