Graham Norton Just Revealed the Wildest Celebrity Rider Demand on His Show

British television host Graham Norton just stopped by This Morning (a morning show ~across the pond~) and was asked about the wildest celebrity rider he's had to deal with. And yeah, his story....was truly the most.

The celebrity in question was "someone who shall remain nameless," but according to Graham "they wanted nine dressing rooms." Actually, scratch that, ten dressing rooms. Why, you ask? Ahem:

"Nine dressing rooms," Graham explained. "So we got them nine dressing rooms that was fine, and in the afternoon someone came running into the production office saying '911 situation, we need another dressing room.'" Graham said that his producer casually asked "Out of interest...why do you need a tenth dressing room?" and the person said "Oh, they're charging their phone." To be clear: "They were charging their phone in the tenth dressing room."

Graham actually also told this story to The Daily Telegraph back in 2018, where he was asked how he responds to people wanting to know his "worst" guest of all time. "People are always interested in either the worst or the best," he said. "That’s all. In a way I forgive the bad guests because no-one’s occupation is professional chat-show guest. You’re in my show because you’re successful at something else. But it can be like a dinner party where somebody gets the conch shell and you’re thinking, 'Oh my god, here we go.."

Kay, cool, but I'm gonna need Graham to tell us the identity of that 10 dressing room celeb immediately.

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