These ‘crazy amazing’ smart LED lights and meat thermometers are holiday-prep must-haves—and they’re on sale today!

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Govee smart home gadgets will color—and simplify—your world. (Photo: Amazon)
Govee smart home gadgets will color—and simplify—your world. (Photo: Amazon)

As you gear up for the holidays, you’re probably already thinking about decking the halls and prepping the menus. But what about your actual gear? Your smartphone and smart home gear can and should be center stage this season—and year-round, for that matter.

Today, Amazon’s daily deal lets you elevate your holiday prep with ‘crazy amazingsmart LED lights, Bluetooth digital meat thermometers, and more by Govee—up to 46 percent off. In fact, thousands of five-star reviewers can attest to the fact that these “straight-up legit” gadgets enhance your home 365 days a year.

Shop it: Govee Smart LED Lights, Thermometers, and Humidity Monitors, up to 46 percent off,

Everything in Amazon’s Govee smart home sale today can be controlled through both Alexa and Google Assistant as well as the Govee app—and customers call them “super easy to install.”

Let’s take a look at some of the sale’s best offerings.

Govee 32.8ft LED Smart Lights

Govee LED Smart Lights will illumiinate your life. (Photo: Amazon)
Govee LED Smart Lights will illumiinate your life. (Photo: Amazon)

The clear Amazon customer favorite in today’s Govee sale with almost 3,000 reviews, these voice-activated LED lights turn on and off, dim, brighten, and change colors when hooked up to Echo or Google Home.

They’re strip lights—31 percent off today—that you can easily install under cabinets, along floor boards, up on the ceilings, or in more covert places like behind your sofa and bed, where the illumination will seemingly rise out of nowhere. You don’t need a special occasion to create ambiance like this throughout your home—in fact, Govee LED Smart Lights make every day feel like a special occasion.

Govee 32.8ft LED Smart Lights (Photo: Amazon)
Govee 32.8ft LED Smart Lights (Photo: Amazon)

“Amazeballs! I completely impressed my friends at my annual cookie party,” wrote one stoked fan. “These lights are exactly what I wanted. Easy to change [color and mood settings] with my phone, and by asking Alexa.”

“What i love most about this LED strip is the Music Sync option!,” wrote another. “There is a microphone in the Fork Adapter that listens to any pitches [in the music]. Based on the pitch, the LED strips will light and brighten up!”

Govee Dreamcolor Interior Car LED Smart Lights

Govee Dreamcolor Interior Car LED Smart Lights (Photo: Amazon)
Govee Dreamcolor Interior Car LED Smart Lights (Photo: Amazon)

The kids will be coming home from college soon and need a lift from the train station—surprise them by kicking off the party right in your car. These car LED smart lights turn your vehicle into a technicolor wonderland. Just stick them under the dashboard, under the seats, or anywhere convenient—then sync them to your sound system and watch them groove with the music.

They have a highly sensitive built-in light that will respond to any beat you play—in fact, music selection be the only difficult thing about these LED smart lights. A sleek, slim remote—or the Govee app—lets you control the intensity and colors to your desired mood. Expect backseat “drivers” with these waterproof smart lights installed—they’ll never overheat and are even safe for kids to touch.

“Go, baby, glow!” wrote one thrilled driver. “Easy install in our Jeep Wrangler JK (Unlimited)!! Lights are bright, sync to the music, or work with solid colors. Phone app allows numerous light configurations, as well as create-your-own option!”

“I installed this in about twenty minutes in my Ford Mustang. I am SO impressed,” wrote another. “They have 3M adhesive strips and holes for screws as well so you can choose which option (or both) to mount them. The lights are super bright. I wasn’t sure about them syncing with the beat of the music, but even when my volume is almost silent, the lights still pick up the sound of it and light up accordingly.”

Govee Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer

Govee Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer (Photo: Amazon)
Govee Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer (Photo: Amazon)

What’s a holiday season without a feast—heck, what’s any day without delicious, homemade food? Today, Govee’s Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer is 30 percent off just in time for you to ramp up your grilling game. And this is not your father’s meat thermometer.

It has a 4 ½-inch crystal clear LCD display and super bright backlight, and lets you preset temperature and humidity ranges. Use the Govee Home app to receive real-time notifications to your smartphone on the status of your grub, even if you need to step away for a bit. And Govee takes accuracy seriously: it has a built-in Swiss-made sensor, for instance, and the temperature is accurate to ±0.54 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hygrometer thermometer updates every 2 seconds.

“Accurate and I can look at temperatures overtime and look at averages on humidity as well to make sure I am on track,” wrote a satiated customer. “I don’t have to open the tent anymore to check my levels!”

But there’s so much more Govee goodness—shop this entire Daily Deal on smart home gadgets today!

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