Gothcore Is Fashion's Sexy, Spooky Response to Dressing Like a Prairie Girl


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It's true that Cottagecore (along with its Fairycore offspring) is seemingly still going strong in 2021, but as one group of people continue to embrace smocked dresses, puff sleeves, floral prints, and hair ribbons, another is leaning toward styles that are, essentially, the exact opposite.

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Gothcore — which is sometimes called 'Goth Girlfriend,' inspired by style icons like Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox, who are famously in rock star relationships — is another aesthetic that keeps popping up. Dark colors, pops of plaid, cross necklaces, and plenty of metal-inspired choices are what make up this kinda-spooky fashion trend, which has seemingly influenced the outfits of a handful of stars, from Olivia Rodrigo to Saweetie.

Gothcore indeed goes well beyond the basic all-black outfit, although the neutral is for sure key when it comes to nailing this look, alongside darker reds and splashes of white. The most important factor, however, is all the details: PVC material, platforms, corsets, chokers, lace, etc. — this is the stuff you should be looking to incorporate when trying out the trend.

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The goal here is basically dress like a classic vampire — in a non-cheesy way! — and, according to Aesthetics Wiki, go full Tim Burton, channeling films like Beetle Juice and Sleepy Hollow.

The good news is there's no shortage of inspiration out there. With rock star style having a moment, and '90s grunge staples being re-discovered by a whole new TikTok generation, the evolution to Gothcore has been somewhat natural.

So, if you're tired of brights and pastels, and are hoping to add a little spice to your wardrobe, here are a few ways to make the transition from prairie to punk.

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Rethink the Corset

The corset is one staple that works for both Cottagecore and Gothcore, but instead of layering it over a maxi dress, pair it with a short mini and high boots.

Mix Up That Plaid


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Skip the preppier pieces, like polos and khakis, and style some plaid pants with combat boots, a shest, or maybe the aforementioned corset. The addition of platform Mary Janes also has the ability to feel a little punk.

Don't Shy Away From Sexy


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Vampires are typically portrayed as sexy characters, and that's definitely the vibe here. Think cutouts, sheer materials, fishnets, lace-up details — all the sexiest trends of 2021.

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Layer On the Necklaces


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Especially silver chains and anything with a cross. So goth!

Make Use of Your Graphic Tee


The good ol' graphic tee is trending right alongside Gothcore, so yes, it's perfectly fine to pair your favorite band option with platforms and ripped tights.

Pile It All On


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This is one aesthetic that's supposed to be extreme, so if you're wearing all the Gothcore staples at once — plaid, T-shirts, chains, platforms — you're doing it right.