I Got Dimpleplasty After 15 Years of Wanting Dimples & Here’s How It Went

Noel Cymone Walker
·1 min read

As a beauty editor, I pretty much have the world of products and procedures at my fingertips. I regularly test new launches from makeup to skincare, but have always steered clear of receiving any actual aesthetic treatment. All of that changed when I discovered a surgery I had honestly never heard of before: dimpleplasty, a minimally-invasive surgery that creates dimples.

“OK, how?” I asked myself as I went down a rabbit hole of research. What was this sorcery that could bestow dimples upon the previously smooth-cheeked? I decided there was no better time than during a global pandemic to find out.

Stories and statistics assert that injectables and plastic surgery have proliferated during the pandemic. Call...

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