Gorpcore Is the Newest Design Trend Bringing the Outdoors Inside

This is the adventure-inspired, all-natural interior design look you've been waiting for.

If you’re an avid camper or hiker, you’re likely familiar with the classic outdoorsy snack called gorp—short for good ol' raisins and peanuts. What you might know is this tasty treat has transformed into a total lifestyle trend, too. Enter: gorpcore.

<p>Justin Coit</p>

Justin Coit

Originally known as a fashion trend featuring bright colors, layers, and cinched details, gorpcore has now mad its way into the interior design world. Gorpcore celebrates all things outdoors, allowing you to bring that adventurous mindset from the hiking trail and into your home.

Much of gorpcore zeros in on function, but that doesn’t mean embracing the aesthetic won't also grant you a beautiful space. Keeping in mind some design rules, you can bring it into your space in a practical, stylish way that makes you feel at one with nature.

David A. Land
David A. Land

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What is gorpcore and why is it trending now?

Gorpcore's laid-back style draws inspiration from nature through the use of colors, textures, and imagery but also from the functional clothing choices often made by outdoor enthusiasts.

The pandemic had all of us cooped up at home, and getting outside was one of the first safe ways to escape restrictions and get beyond the confines of the indoors. This led to an increased appreciation of nature for many and a desire to go adventuring post-lockdown.

With many people also adapting to working from home, comfortable and functional outdoor gear has started to sneak into daily wardrobes. As a home and lifestyle aesthetic, gorpcore simply takes this trend to the next level: A casual-style home mirrors the desire for a less fussy lifestyle and serves as a reminder that exciting travels and voyages await.

How can you add gorpcore to your home (even if you live in a city)?

You don’t have to live in the mountains or a middle of a forest to add a touch of the outdoors into your home.

To fully adopt this style, start with a base of natural colors—think soothing blues, mossy greens, and warm browns that mimic nature. As long as you make sure the colors you choose have similar undertones, it's not difficult to layer multiple shades. If you want to add pops of brighter colors, sunshine yellow and vivid orange can provide high contrast while still pulling inspiration from the outdoors.

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Next, consider your fabric selection: Look for chairs and couches in canvas and other rustic-feeling materials. Fleece blankets and pillows will remind you of winter wear—while also proving durable decor choices. You can never go wrong with natural designs like unpolished river stone and wood, both best for large elements like flooring and fireplace surrounds but also suited to smaller decorative pieces.

<p>Courtesy of Chasing Paper</p>

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

If you want to add an outdoorsy finishing touch, nature-inspired art can instantly transport you to your favorite travel destination. Remember that art doesn’t have to be expensive; it can even be something you’ve created yourself. Blow up and frame pictures you’ve taken while exploring to create a one-of-a-kind photo gallery. To mix it up, add hiking maps of your favorite locations or botanical prints. To make images stand out even more, incorporate picture lighting to elevate the overall look.

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