Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

The official start of spring is less than two weeks away, and to get ready for the kickoff of a new season; you're going to need to update your manicure. The upcoming season is known for beautiful blooms in just about every color of the rainbow, and that's exactly where you should draw inspiration for your seasonal manicure. To help you figure out all the fun designs you're going to apply to your nails for the next few months, here are nine gorgeous spring manicures from professional manicurists. You can emulate these designs at home or show the photos to your nail technician at your next appointment. (Just make sure to wear your face mask to the salon.) After you take off your old polish, make sure you have the proper supplies for your new manicure. Here are a few items you'll need.

What You'll Need for Spring Nails

Courtesy of @meganjnails/Instagram

Tie-Dye Spring Nails

To achieve this psychedelic look by @meganjnails, you'll need a few pastel polishes, including pink, green, blue, purple, and yellow. First, paint your pinky nail pink and your pointer nail green. Then, dip your nail tool in each shade and create a tye-dye pattern on your thumbnail and pointer nail. (It doesn't have to be perfect!) For the middle nail, simply swirl on a few of the colors. (Feel free to try out this style on whatever nail shape you have if you don't have almond or stiletto nails already.)

Courtesy of baylaurelnails/Instagram

Monarch Spring Nails

These intricate butterflies by @baylaurelnails look exactly like real monarchs. Apply black polish to the tips of each nail. Then, using a precise nail tool, take the black, orange, and white polishes and draw on your insects. This look will definitely take some practice and a steady hand, but the result is worth the time.

Courtesy of @joelyoceannails/instagram

Gingham Spring Nails

You can match this fun set by @joelyoceannails with your favorite gingham tops. You're going to need white, yellow, orange, blue, pink, and purple polishes. Paint each one of your nails white. Then, take a nail tool or use the nail polish brush and draw on lines to form a gingham pattern on every nail, making sure to use a different color for each.

Courtesy of @nailsbyalicewhite/Instagram

Speckled Egg Spring Nails

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this manicure by @nailsbyalicewhite that looks just like the speckled candy eggs available around Easter. Make sure you have golden yellow, pink, purple, and powder blue. Using a tool, draw the top of a heart on each nail. (Use yellow for the pinky and the thumb, pink for the pointer, purple for the ring, and blue for the middle.) Then, carefully flick specks of black lacquer on top.

Courtesy of @nailsbyjennifermarie/Instagram

Floral French Spring Nails

This beautiful mani by @nailsbyjennifermarie is another one that will take patience and practice. (But look at the gorgeous result!) Paint a French tip on each nail using white polish. After that's dry, draw on tiny flower petals using a tool with pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, and orange polishes. To finish the look, place dots in the center of each flower and outline the inside of the tip with a sparkly pink lacquer.

Courtesy of @bellezabychanelle/Instagram

Cactus Spring Nails

How adorable are these teeny tiny succulents by @bellezabychanelle? To recreate the look, paint your pinky and middle nail white, your ring and thumbnail pink, and your pointer teal. After that, get your green and brighter pink lacquers ready. Take a nail tool, and carefully draw on your succulents.

Courtesy of @thenailroommanchester/Instagram

Pastel French Spring Nails

Upgrade a classic French manicure with this subtle style by @thenailroommanchester. Just apply a French tip with purple, pink, green, teal, and blue polishes.

Courtesy of @getnailedbristol/Instagram

Neon Floral Spring Nails

These bright flowers by @getnailedbristol are reminiscent of a tropical vacation. You'll want to use some brighter shades, including pink, orange, blue), purple, and green. Take a tool and draw on different flowers and plants with each color.

Courtesy of @yveningset?Instagram

Retro Floral Spring Nails

Pro tip: To recreate these cute flowers by @yveningset, use a tool or a cotton swab ($2, Target). Apply an eggshell shade ($10, ORLY) to every nail. Then, dot on flowers with purple and yellow polishes.