Gorgeous Long-Haired Cat Sneaks Into Baby's Crib Just For a Hang

These two will be best friends forever!

Get ready for one of the most adorable things you will see today! TikTok account holder @Angry_Kat_Lady not only has a gorgeous long-haired tuxedo cat, but she has an absolutely precious baby. What could be cuter than both these things? Well, both these things together! 

Just watch this adorable video that's going viral with over 2.2 million views and get ready to "awwww!" 

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When asked if this is the first time she had seen the cat in the crib, @Angry_Kat_Lady explains in the comments, "Yes I was leaning over the side and she climbed on my back and into the crib. I knew something cute was gonna happen so I ran and got my phone, and this is what I came back to! Lol" Awwww. TikTok users are loving this with @Susielitchfield commenting, "That’s not jealousy; that’s best buddies." @Bethy adds, "You just walked in on them gossiping about you. They were having a good gab fest." LOL! @Blacksocks03 replies, "You need to start paying your babysitter!" That cat is a perfect babysitter! 

If this situation couldn't get any cuter, Angry_Kat_Lady mentions in the comments, "Just so everyone is aware the cat is female and is named after Betty White's character in Golden Girls! Rose." We think Rose is going to be best friends with that baby forever. We just love this! 

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