Gordon Ramsay Had The Best Reaction To This TikTok Impersonating Him

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Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay has become a TikTok sensation over the last several months and the content keeps getting better and better. He often duets recipe tutorials, but when he came across a TikTok user impersonating him, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to react. In fact, Gordon loved the video so much he offered the 18-year-old TikTok star a trip to one of his restaurants because the video was so accurate.

Jack Chalmers, who is known by the username @therealfemtom, posted the impersonation with the caption "POV You're dating Gordon's daughter," a popular video format where people act out hyper specific scenarios. In this case, Jack cosplayed as Gordon meeting Tilly's date for the first time and his accent was totally on point.

"Oh, you're my daughter's date. Oh, wow. Oh f*ck. Will you excuse me for a second? Thank you sir," he says in true Gordon style before going on to roast the imaginary date. He did such a good job Gordon went ahead and reposted the video on his own Instagram account.
"Brilliant job @thefemtom !!! @tillyramsay am I really that bad ?!?" Gordon wrote in the caption.

According to a report by INSIDER, Gordon even slid into Jack's DMs to congratulate him on his viral success. Gordon also told Jack to let him know next time he's in town to go to one of his restaurants so he can cover him and a group of friends.

Yet another example of how the hard exterior we see of Gordon on his shows is hiding an inner softie. And hey, if he can take a joke this well that's saying something. Time to start practicing my Gordon impression.

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