Goop’s Outlandish Holiday Gift List Is Finally Here, and We Wish We Could Afford Everything

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Choosing the best holiday gifts for friends and family can be a tough feat, and while Goop’s annual gift guide for men doesn’t include the cheapest stocking stuffers, they do have some absolutely outrageous gift ideas that are likely at the top of everybody’s aspirational wish list. From 10,000 cold therapy devices to the trip of a lifetime for adrenaline junkies to Chile, these outlandish luxury gifts are a must-have for anyone with disposable income. Even if you are trying to save money, scrolling through this list will guarantee a chuckle, and some of the ideas are truly creative, making them a popular gift for the man that has everything.

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Whether you’re looking to splurge on a higher-end product or just dreaming of winning the lottery this holiday season, these are the best Goop-vetted men’s gifts for Hannukah, Christmas and more in 2022.

Renu Cold Stoic Tank

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Cold water immersion therapy is known to have tons of health benefits, from a healthier heart to a stronger immune system and higher energy levels. Rather than heading to the local spa’s cold plunge pool, this sleek tank by Renu Therapy lets you have that experience from the comfort of your own home. That is if you happen to have 10,000 lying around. It can live indoors or outdoors, has a fully programable thermostat and features UV tech to generate the cleanest water possible.

Mercedes Champion Edition eBike

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It seems like everyone is hopping on the e-bike trend these days, and why not? It certainly beats manual pedaling and is a lot cheaper (and safer) than a motorcycle. The Championship Edition eBike is brought to you from Mercedes and can handle up to 28 miles per hour with dual batteries and 750W of power. In terms of power, it packs more of a punch than other bikes in the category with larger wheels and semi-slick tires. Still definitely a splurge purchase, but one that has some functionality for anybody who bikes.

Eleven Experience Heli Skiing in Patagonia

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An experience will always make the ultimate gift, though it’s not always the cheapest. It doesn’t take up space, creates memories that will last a lifetime, and is a more eco-friendly gift choice. And when it comes to this heli-skiing trip in Patagonia, there’s no better choice for experienced skiers. Based out of the Rio Palena Lodge, trip-goers will see a jaw-dropping corner of the Andes on this epic six-day trip. At the end of every skiing day (they also offer mountain biking, hiking and other alternate activities) folks get treated to a gourmet dinner and a soak in a wood-fired hot tub.

Burberry Reversible Vintage Check Thermoregulated Overshirt

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Owning at least one Burberry item with that iconic checkered print is essential for the capsule wardrobe of any fashion-forward man. This lightly padded reversible overshirt, which can also be worn as a light jacket is the definition of luxury and a great introduction for non-Burberry owners. The quilted design is engineered with special thermoregulation tech which accelerates evaporation and breathability so that you’re always at the perfect temperature. Perfect for that person who’s always either too hot or too cold.

Assouline The Impossible Collection of Cigars

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A high-quality collection of cigars will always make a classy gift. At $995, this Assouline Impossible Collection of Cigars is ideal for cigar lovers or those who occasionally indulge. Along with including some of the rarest and most luxurious cigars in the world,  it also includes info on their history and some stunning artwork illustrated inside, making this a conversation starter on any coffee table and an unforgettable gentleman’s gift.

Watch Gang Subscription

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Watch Gang is one of the world’s most popular members-only watch clubs for a reason. This subscription-based watch company consistently churns out high-quality watches from premium brands like Seiko and Rolex. Buyers can select the membership, which is available in three different price tiers and various styles to fit their personal preferences. Best of all, shipments are insured. Sure, there are cheaper options with unknown brands, but if you or your gift recipient are looking to build a valuable watch collection without dropping thousands of dollars, this is a no-brainer.

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

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There are certainly more affordable sheet masks that you can gift this holiday season. Still, if you’re looking to treat someone (or yourself) who takes self-care seriously and likes to indulge in facials once in a while, they’ll be grateful to receive this DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro by Dr. Dennis Gross. This high-tech mask uses a combination of red and blue LED light to clear up acne, calm redness, reduce lines and stimulate collagen. Multiple settings make it superb for every skin type, from oily to sensitive. It’ll also save hundreds on facials down the line.

Bolin Webb R1 Prestige 24-Karat Gold Razor Set

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A must-have for any man who grooms his facial hair, he’ll never return to disposable drugstore razors after trying out this elite, 24-karat gold razor set from Bolin Webb. Is it a ridiculous amount to pay for a razor with a Gillette blade? Yes, but the super elegant look of the razor itself and the matching gold stand will elevate any powder room. It all comes wrapped up in a beautiful black-lacquered wooden box for an equally impressive unboxing process.

BALMUDA The Speaker

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Music is the gift that keeps on giving; this year, you can give it in the form of this super cool, futuristic speaker from Balmuda. They also feature built-in LED units that thump to the beat and act as a decor accent with three modes, including a candle effect. And while the aesthetic design is why many people buy this unit, its 36-degree sound effect is the real mind-blowing factor here. With concert-quality sound, this Bluetooth speaker looks like a lantern and is on everyone’s wishlist this year.

God’s True Cashmere Button-Down Shirt

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This cashmere button-down probably costs the same as your rent, but in a sea of fast-fashion buttons down, the attention to detail makes it an heirloom quality piece that someone will hold onto for a lifetime. It’s also the most comfortable flannel that you’ve ever felt. This oversized button-down is made from luxurious Italian cashmere and finished with hand-cut rose quartz snap buttons. Many believe the rose quartz has healing properties like balancing chakras and releasing emotional blockages.

Edgewood Tahoe Golf Resort

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If adrenaline-filled, athletic adventures don’t sound like your gift recipient’s idea of a good time, take things a little more leisurely with this Edgewood Tahoe Resort and golf course, which is on the bucket list of many golf lovers. At an altitude of more than 6,300 feet on the shores of Lake Tahoe, even those who don’t play gold will be blown away by the mountain views on this property. All kinds of players have teed up here, from Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer.

Tempo Move + 6-Month Subscription

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Gifting a gym membership is tricky – it operates on the premise that your gift recipient will actually want to go to a specific gym location and that they enjoy the services offered there. Instead, give them the give of a custom-tailored smart gym that they can use from the comfort of their own home. Designed for weight training, this kit includes smart dumbbells, weight plates and a cabinet to store everything. But just how exactly are they smart? They track reps and correct form, which is a total game-changer. This gift includes a six-month membership where certified coaches provide feedback.

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