Google Earth users find unusually shaped object off the coast of Antarctica

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A perceptive Google Earth user discovered an abnormally shaped object near the coast of Antarctica, setting off a flood of comments from YouTube users.

On August 7, a YouTuber who goes by MrMBB333 shared a compilation of images that his fans had found on Google Earth.

One fan, identified only as D. Whitaker, submitted coordinates to a location not too far from the world’s southernmost continent. Satellite images show what appears to be an “ice ship,” an iceberg that is shaped like a huge boat.

“If we go to 3D format, you look down on it, it looks like the outline of a ship,” MrMBB333 says. “And this one here measures over 400 feet long — 428 feet to be exact. Whatever that is, that looks like a ship — the ice ship, whatever you want to call it.”

The yacht-shaped boat, which sits between Antarctica and New Zealand, has since led to a wave of comments from interested users.

Credit: Google Earth
Credit: Google Earth

“I have heard people say that after WWII there has been a lot of movement in Antarctica; like military movement, not sure but it would not surprise me,” one person wrote. “Thank you for sharing such fantastic photos and such interesting and questionable things out there @MrMBB333.”

“And that does look like a YACHT FOR REAL!!!” a second quipped.

“I love these pictures, and I’m very curious about Antarctica,” a third wrote. “Great show!”

Other images included in the video compilation feature what appears to be an old torpedo and a “complex” of sorts.

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