What is Google Camp and why are all the best celebs, like Karlie Kloss and Harry Styles, there right now?

Maybe you’ve noticed their super-glamorous photos, posted while the celebs recline on yachts in all-white clothing — some of your favorite celebs seem to be in the same place right now: Sicily. And you might be wondering why. The answer is a lot more extravagant than it sounds: Google Camp.

Everyone who’s anyone is there: Karlie Kloss, Michael Jordan, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Lady Gaga (that we know of). And there are no tents or s’mores involved.

Google Camp, also known as the Camp, is mysteriously elite. Don’t bother Googling it; the tech giant remains mum about this very exclusive excursion, which isn’t surprising since Prince Harry has attended. There is a website, but you cannot view it without a login.

Karlie Kloss (Photo: Getty Images)
Karlie Kloss (Photo: Getty Images)

Understandably, the event requires serious security, and preventative measures are taken so that no one can reveal anything about what goes on behind closed doors. All the hotel staff and security have to sign nondisclosure agreements, a source told the U.K. Daily Mail. “I can’t tell you who’ll be performing here, but there’ll be a huge and private event on Tuesday,” a security guard told the Daily Mail. Local fishermen said they’re not allowed to go anywhere near the private beach, and local police officers monitor traffic.

This “camp,” if you can even call it that, takes place at a gorgeous seaside resort on Italy’s island of Sicily. The property is the 8-year-old Verdura Resort, located on Sicily’s southwestern coast with six clay tennis courts, three golf courses, and a spa.

The summit of sorts is in its sixth year, and it’s been held at this five-star resort for at least the past three years. According to the Daily Mail, the three-day conference began Sunday, hence the hemorrhage of photos of Italy from the rich and famous.

As mentioned, tons of celebrities are invited. However, strict cellphone policies make it nearly impossible to find out which ones. Thankfully, one stealthy attendee sneaked into a bathroom at the resort to document the once-in-a-lifetime experience. “OK, I’m at an exclusive event … and my only escape is in the toilet,” the attendee says through hiccups likely brought on by courses of wine and cocktails.

“Bradley Cooper’s here. Leonardo … Lady Gaga … James Corden. Matthew McConaughey,” she lists.

“We’re not allowed to get out phones out because everyone needs their [hiccup] privacy,” she says in the video.

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Other celebrities have given it away by posting pictures of stunning Sicily on social media. Kloss has shared stories on Instagram revealing that she’s at the resort with her fiancé Josh Kushner. Diane Von Furstenberg placed herself at the event when she posted a photo with Kloss and Styles yesterday.

Gayle King did the same by sharing a snap from DVF’s yacht.

Styles was spotted driving around the island in a Maserati with James Corden. Social media has also revealed that Michael Jordan is in attendance, and Kevin Durant is expected to make an appearance. Rumor has it George Clooney is also going to join the festivities.

Past celeb attendees include Pharrell Williams, Charlize Theron, Emma Watson, Madonna, George Lucas, and more.

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Of course, since Google is hosting, celebrities aren’t the only big names invited. Tech giants Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google’s founders), Evan Spiegel, and Eric Schmidt; and entertainment bigwigs Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brian Grazer, and David Geffen are all there. There are also business leaders, influencers, and investors among the guests.

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But what exactly are all these rich and talented people going to do together, besides dine at the resort’s six restaurants, take in the stunningly endless Mediterranean views, and relax in the private pools in their villas?

Like the World Economic Forum, this event unites some of the world’s most powerful and influential names to discuss tech, music, art, and fashion.

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According to Business Insider, the agenda includes intellectual discussions, relaxation, and big meals. Guests can also expect fireworks and a carnival, according to posts from previous Google Camps. Every year seems to include a dinner among the ruins at the Valle dei Templi or Valley of the Temples. That dinner is accompanied by a performance. Last year, Lenny Kravitz took the stage, and the year before Alicia Keys did the honors. Sting performed at the dinner last night, and rumor has it Lady Gaga and/or Harry Styles are also performing this year.

Camp has never looked so luxurious.