Good Morning! Kylie Jenner is Naked, Painted Gold, And Wearing Nothing But A Thong

This is a daily reminder that out of thousands of years, you are lucky enough to exist on this planet at the exact same time as Kylie Jenner. Blessings!

Yesterday, the makeup mogul, mega-mega influencer, and former KUWTK star did what she does best: broke Instagram. In what might be the most Leo move in recorded history, Kylie got naked (save for a sparkling metallic thong 👀) and covered those curves in nothing but shimmery gold paint. Then, she posted the photos on Instagram, racking up 10M likes and counting.

All this glorious Jenner nudity was created for more than my personal enjoyment. The shots come in tandem with Kylie's upcoming 24th birthday makeup collection, which is set to go live on the Kylie Cosmetics website the day of, August 10.

I'm not even going to waste my time explaining the collection's theme, because based on Kylie's not-so-subtle promotional pics, you can probably figure it out yourself (ya, it's 24K gold). Like in years past, the limited-edition release will include a bunch of new products, as well as a box set with Kylie's smokin' hot figure printed on the front.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

According to Kylie's IG Stories, the products inside won't be revealed until later today, but I can comfortably predict that they're going to do the absolute most. It is Leo season after all!

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