Is it good luck to catch leaves? Spiritualists say it is the best way to start fall

 Falling orange leaves against a blurred green outdoor background
Falling orange leaves against a blurred green outdoor background

Falling leaves herald the beginning of the changing seasons, but did you know that catching one could bring good luck for the months ahead?

There are plenty of traditions to increase luck for your home, such as blowing cinnamon on your front door, or putting a glass of water under your bed, but catching a falling leaf is thought to predate them all – and the leaf you catch can make all the difference.

We asked spiritualists to explain where this belief comes from, and what it really entails to help with your luck this season.

Is it good luck to catch leaves?

Unlike using feng shui for fall to increase your luck, or picking the right front door color for good luck, the tradition of catching a leaf is about connecting with nature and the universe, and manifesting positive things to come in the new season, explains Kelly Greyson, spiritual health practitioner and co-founder of Crystal Digest:

‘The belief in catching falling fall leaves as a means to attract good luck is deeply rooted in various cultural and spiritual traditions,’ she begins. ‘This practice often draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of autumn leaves and the symbolism associated with the changing of seasons. Across different cultures, the fall season signifies a time of transition, renewal, and harvesting.’

fall leaves
fall leaves

It is not just about catching the leaf as it falls from the tree, however, as Renee Baribeau, soul coach, founder of The Practical Shaman, and author of Winds of Spirit, available at Amazon, continues. Typically, you would release the leaf back to the wind,’ she says.

‘To ensure good luck, I release the leaf back to the wind, allowing it to gracefully return to nature as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude. This ritual invites me to pause, to acknowledge the profound beauty of the changing seasons, and to open my heart to the flow of luck and positivity that awaits.’

However, some practices suggest bringing the leaf back into your home to incorporate it into your meditation space, Kelly Greyson, spiritual health practitioner adds, making it a good addition if you already use crystals at home for positive energy. ‘It is a good reminder of the changing seasons and the impermanent nature of life,’ Kelly reflects. ‘I encourage individuals to follow their intuition.’

Caught and kept leaves? Here's how to display them.

Wooden Shadow Box Frame

Consider drying your caught leaves and pinning them in a shadow box frame to display them in your home as art when decorating for fall.

While catching any leaf in the fall is a symbol of good luck and even prosperity, Jaclyn Johnston, founder of Manifest It! and author of Don’t Feel Stuck, available at Amazon, notes that the color of the leaf is thought to have an impact on where you feel that luck in your life.

‘If an orange leaf falls on you, for instance, you're about to undergo a significant inner transformation for your soul,’ she says. ‘Think of it like a caterpillar transforming and emerging as a butterfly. You're about to transform and feel better after some healing and growth from within yourself.

‘If a yellow leaf falls on you, there will be an outward change that is about to happen. So, don't get too comfy in a routine because your life is about to be switched up! But change is good, so embrace it and allow it to happen.

‘If a red leaf falls on you, you're about to experience a gesture of love. It can be from your partner, a friend, a family member, or even an animal, such as adopting a new pet. Love comes in all shapes and forms, so keep your heart open!

‘If a green leaf falls on you, it signifies abundance. It can be abundance in anything, but it usually refers to abundance in your finances. And since green leaves tend to bend and be flexible, you can put one in your wallet to manifest more prosperity without crumbling like others sometimes do when you handle them.’


What leaf symbolizes love?

Maple leaves are traditionally associated with love and romance, with the connection going back as far as ancient China and Japan. The maple leaf, much like the syrup, represents sweetness and love in every day life, making these trees a great addition to your yard, and the leaf motif wonderful decorations.

What leaf symbolizes hope?

A ginkgo leaf is typically associated with hope, strength, and resilience. Wearing a ginkgo leaf motif is thought to bring enlightenment to your life, too, so it may be worth considering adding it to your closet or your home decor.

Although a good time to start this practice is whenever the leaves start to fall in your area, it is easier, and more apt, to start around the time of the autumn equinox, or September 23rd, as it marks the start of fall (and is the best time to start decorating for fall, too). This helps tune the activity to the season, making it all the more special.