Golden Retriever's Reaction to Car Wash Is Cracking Us Up

You can't be mad at this doggo!

There are many different emotions when it comes to experiencing the car wash – you either love it or hate it. As a baby or young kid, you might’ve been terrified. Then as you grew older, you started to love going to the car wash, especially as a car owner. Now, what about pets?

The next time you go to a car wash and you just so happen to be with your dog, be sure to distract them. You wouldn’t want to have what happened to TikTok user @caseytheretriever happen to you. Although, it is one of the funnier things we’ve seen!

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LOL! This poor Golden Retriever was just trying so hard to get out of the car. Even though the dog is scratching the crap out of the window, we wouldn’t be mad. That’s just downright hilarious!

@mobydogdog wrote what this dog was thinking, “All of the fun is outside the car.” Forget about being scared, this dog was just thinking about playing in that water. “I would never be able to finish washing the car. I would just play with the dog,” commented @smash9494. We’d be laughing too hard to even play with the dog!

“She’s cleaning the inside,” said @trandvv. Well, if that’s what cleaning looks like than our dogs have really outdone themselves in our house. HA! @robidouxinc added, “She’s trying her hardest!” And that’s all that really matters. Plus, she looks SO adorable doing her absolute best!

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