Golden Retriever's Loving Reaction to New Puppy Sibling Makes Us Smile

Chester couldn't contain his excitement.

We all know that cats and dogs are very different creatures. So why are we still so surprised when we see their differences side by side? Take, for instance, this video from TikTok user @aliestone. It highlights just how different cats and dogs are by showing their responses to a new sibling coming home. 

Their Golden Retriever immediately fell in love with the puppy sibling. But the cat, on the other hand, did not want to be involved, as expected! LOL! At least the dog's over-the-top reaction is making us smile! 

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Aww! We didn't know whether or not we believed in love at first sight but this just confirmed it. There is such a thing! Love at first sniff really. LOL! 

@cristina.55_ commented, "Happiness throughout his body." He truly couldn't contain his excitement! He had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. Plus all that tail wagging. SO cute! He needs to save all the energy because this puppy is here to stay forever! 

"Love how he quickly goes over to the cat like, "Look at our new pet!!" said @kianalowe4. Right!? He needed to inform everyone in the house that his new best friend has arrived. Too bad the cat wasn't a fan of the puppy. We bet that will change someday soon! @michellestaplet added, "When you have to sniff the cat to confirm the other one is indeed a dog." LOL! Nothing wrong with confirmations!


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