Golden Retriever's Guilty Face After Stealing Cotton Balls Is the Cutest

Goldens are always so extra.

Remember when you were a kid and you played the timeless and highly entertaining game of 'Let's see how many marshmallows I can shove in my mouth'? Heck, as an adult you may still be playing this! No judgement here. Well, the beautiful Golden Retriever that belongs to TikTok account holder @CaliGoldenGurl played this exact same game.

Only he didn't use yummy marshmallows. Watch the following to see this derp totally derp out.

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This is just a perfect example of a Golden Retriever doing Golden Retriever things.

@OliveandDuchess knows all about these Golden Retriever things and comments, "Lmaooo this is such a golden thing to do." True facts. @Ahousedweller adds, "Highly unexpected. Thought it was 1-2 fluffs. Surprised it was a whole pillow in there."  @Sarasmith972 types, "He’s like a candy floss machine." @RunTmc77 replies, "Gives a whole new meaning to “cotton mouth." LOL! @HeatherHolcomb says, "Real life version of a build-a-bear."

Goldens are always so extra! They are always doing just the most hilarious, bizarre, Golden Retriever things! This dog did not understand the assignment because there's no such thing as the 'cotton ball tax.' Only the cheese tax. Maybe next time he will eat something actually delicious. Unless... cotton balls ARE delicious and us hoomans are missing out!

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