Golden Retriever's Funny Reaction to Mom Putting Her Harness on Is Too Cute

This poor baby just ain't moving!

If only we could read our dog's minds! We bet that's what TikTok user @AliciaMoffet is thinking every time she takes her gorgeous Golden Retriever Willow out for a walk. The harness gets put on, Willow seems totally content, the harness is buckled and .. 

Just watch this funny video and see if you can determine why beautiful Willow here just refuses to budge. 

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LOL, what a silly girl! @Tuttefrut posts, "She looks embarrassed for some reason! The eyes!" She does, she gives mom some serious side-eye. @user1115485715046 has a slightly different reaction to their dog getting the harness, posting, "My lab does this, then walks like a crab to the front door, once outside she walks normal." LOL, crab dog. @Em adds, "My dog hides when she hears the harness got out but she loves going out." 

Now, Willow seems like a totally happy, well-adjusted dog, and she just may be harness sensitive, because the majority of dogs dislike one thing or another about their harnesses. That could be having it put over their chest, the way the buckles click, who knows? But there are excellent ways to help your own fur baby get used to wearing and walking in a harness. If only they could understand English so we could explain it's just for their own safety! 

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