Golden Retrievers and Baby Are Totally Fixated on a Crab Toy and It's Precious

This video is pure entertainment!

It can be downright difficult to keep an energetic dog entertained, so it's a wonder how a single toy kept two Golden Retrievers and a baby occupied for so long. All their mom, @kelseyrose75, had to do was turn the toy on--and they were all mesmerized!

If we're being completely honest, we feel a bit hypnotized by the mechanical toy, too. Between its bright colors and crab-like movements--the appeal is easy to see! No wonder this adorable threesome is so fixated.

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Awww--how sweet are these siblings? They're all so captivated by the little crab, and their mom's filming doesn't phase them one bit.  Now we can't help but wonder how long they all watched the toy scuttling back and forth. For a toy that only does one thing, it's surprisingly fun to watch!

We were also surprised by how interested the dogs were in the toy. There's no doubt about how closely they were watching, but they didn't seem to want to investigate the strange thing, either. Maybe it's just as hypnotizing for them as it is for us!

We were super intrigued by the text Kelsey wrote in the video: "TikTok made me buy it." So naturally--we had to see for ourselves! There are countless TikTok videos of babies reacting to the walking crab toy, but finding the toy itself isn't so easy. When we say this toy is popular--we mean it's popular!

It looks like there are several stores and brands that sell this whimsical crab, though--including on Amazon. The toy is still in stock (for now) so even more babies and pets can enjoy its scuttling motion.

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