Golden Retriever Enjoying Magic Tricks From Dad Is Beyond Sweet

She couldn't stop watching.

Most of the time we're the ones being impressed by the tricks our dogs do, even if we've seen the same three tricks again and again. LOL! We can't help but stare, though. It's just so cute! But never once did we think to do a trick for our dogs and now after seeing this clip from TikTok user @pawbrey, we're going to start.

This TikToker's boyfriend has been doing magic tricks with their Golden Retriever ever since she was a puppy and it's beyond adorable. The dog's reaction is absolutely everything. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! This is seriously too cute for words. You can just see the dog's wheels turning inside her head, trying to figure out how in the heck that happened. LOL! She's mesmerized just like a kid is when watching a magic show!

"Cutest thing I've seen on TikTok all day," wrote @officialeyesick. Heck, this is the cutest thing we've seen on TikTok all month! We want to start doing this to our dogs. But first, we must learn to do a magic trick. LOL! "If my future boyfriend's not like this with my little boy, we are DONE," added @preslava_rosenova. Exactly! This is the new standard for significant others!

Another TikTok user, @washamole, asked, "Do you think the dog thinks it's real magic or he knows it just tricks and still thinks it's cool?" Now, these are the hard-hitting questions that keep us up at night. LOL! We're going to guess that the dog thinks it's real magic because well, it is real!

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