Golden Retriever Dances to Meet Newborn and It's Too Cute to Handle

All hearts are melting from this clip!

When you typically hear of families bringing in new babies, you probably think of very jealous fur babies. But that’s not always true. Sometimes, our fur babies actually welcome in the newborns and look after them like they their own. In fact, one Golden Retriever couldn’t wait to meet the newest family member.

TikTok user @ebba16012020 captured what might be the most precious moment we’ve ever seen between a dog and a baby. The video has over 6.5 million views. And you’ll understand why once you see this clip. Just watch how this dog asks to see the newborn. It’ll melt your heart instantly! 

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Aww, stop it! We can’t handle all this adorableness. Have you ever seen a dog dance to see a newborn? We haven’t! That’s why we fell in love with this video instantly! 

“I’ve never seen a dog literally beg to see the baby,” said @babypirahna. Right?! This is just a sign of how much the dog is going to look after this child. They’re besties already and everyone knows it! 

Another TikTok user, @usercherylann5, wrote, “I am on the verge of tears to see so much love and happiness he has for the little one.” SAME! These owners are truly lucky to have this dog who already knows to look after the little one with all his heart and soul. 

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