Golden Retriever Has Best Reaction to His Unique 'Favorite Word'

Okay, sure, it sounds like 'burger'

Any dig owner can tell you their dog recognizes certain words. Words like "treat," "park," "walk," and "sit"  are all common words dogs know. 

Which is why this video of TikTok user @Mavaandmel 's Golden Retriever hearing their "favorite" word is so disturbingly hilarious. Check out this video that's going viral with 6.4 million views and see what you think. 

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LOL! He's far too cute to be this murder-y. @Billbongbaddies hilariously comments, "I'm his lawyer my client is innocent." @Brody harkens back to a TV series of old and says, "He's like "Quick come! little Timmy is trapped in the well and I pushed him!" @Alex's dog sounds just as disturbing and they comment, "Ours for some reason has the cutest reaction to "do you want to eat some babies?" I don't even remember how we found that out." MMmmhmm sure you don't, sounds suspicious to us LOL. 

It's probably just the inflection and the tone mom is using, or maybe the owners are watching a little too much The First 48 with their dog in the room! That could be it! 

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