'The Golden Bachelor' Finale Is Finally On Hulu—Here's How To Watch It

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When Will 'The Golden Bachelor' Be On Hulu?ABC
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The highly-anticipated finale of The Golden Bachelor aired on ABC Thursday night, with lead Gerry Turner presumably finally finding love again. Of course, not everyone has a schedule that allows for staying up until 10 p.m. to watch the full finale, and many people have cut the cable cord in favor of streaming. If you fall into either of those categories and logged into Hulu this morning with the hopes of watching reality TV's latest happy ending unfold, you probably realized that The Golden Bachelor finale wasn't there.

Up until now, every episode of The Golden Bachelor has appeared on the streaming platform the morning after it airs on ABC, allowing fans to watch each one at their convenience. And people were (understandably) a little annoyed that the schedule had changed at this monumental moment.

“I'm dodging spoilers but where TF is the Golden Bachelor finale on @hulu??????? Hello????” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “I was up at 5am ready to watch and it’s wasn’t up and now I saw the spoilers and I’m so pissed,” said another fan.

And then there was this hilarious post that you may be feeling right now: “Whyyyyyyyyyy is the season finale of the golden bachelor not on Hulu yet?! I have few pleasures in life, get it together @hulu.”

Plenty of people tagged Hulu’s support team on X which, TBH, is understandable.

When will The Golden Bachelor finale be on Hulu?

Luckily, the wait is over! You can finally watch the Golden Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose on Hulu.

Watch The Golden Bachelor finale on Hulu

Where can I watch The Golden Bachelor finale?

If you couldn't wait for Hulu to get its streaming sorted, the finale is also available to stream on ABC’s website if you have a cable login. Meaning, you have to sign into your TV provider to watch it.

But if you have Hulu, you probably don’t have cable, making this a really tricky situation. This might be a good time to phone a friend or family member who still has cable to ask if you can either go to their place or borrow their login—desperate times and all.

If you’ve been doing your best to avoid reading details about who Gerry picks and how they’re doing now, your hard work has finally paid off. Go forth and enjoy the Golden Bachelor finale at your leisure!

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