Is There Going to Be a ‘Bel-Air’ Season 3? Spoiler: We Officially Have an Answer!

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Everything We Know About 'Bel-Air' Season 3Peacock

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Bel-Air fans, gather round! (And even if you're not a Bel-Air fan yet, also gather round! Because after hearing about it, you will be.) Now I know we're still in the midst of the show's season 2 with more episodes coming, but I know I'm not the only one out here already wondering if there's going to be a season 3. Like, the show is so good. We deserve this.

If you're not familiar with Bel-Air, it's a modern retelling of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that has a much more dramatic vibe than its '90s sit-com predecessor, diving into the racial tension and culture shocks that come with moving from the playground of West Philly to a mansion in Bel-Air. All the characters you know and love from the OG show are there, from Aunt Viv and Geoffrey to Hillary (who is an influencer in Bel-Air, which, perfection).

But back to the most important question of all: Is Bel-Air getting a season 3? Let's get into everything we know about the potential renewal.

Is Bel-Air getting a season 3 officially?

In short: Yes!!!!! Peacock has *finally* renewed Bel-Air for a third season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The dramatic take on the former comedy series that is inspired by Morgan Cooper’s viral short was originally picked up at Peacock with a two-season order following a competitive bidding process with other streamers vying for the series. The season three renewal marks its first vote of confidence beyond that initial order."

And tbh, we're not even shocked about the decision. After all, there's the fact that, as of last year, Bel-Air was the most-streamed original series ever on Peacock with over eight million accounts tuning in, so the chances of the streaming service walking away from something so successful seemed preeeeetty small if you ask me!

Who from the Bel-Air cast is coming back for season 3?

Sadly, we also don't have any casting intel at le moment. However (!!), it does seem likely that all of the main cast would theoretically return, including Jabari Banks as Will, Olly Sholotan as Carlton, Cassandra Freeman as Aunt Viv, Jimmy Akingbola as Geoffrey, and Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil.

When is Bel-Air coming back for season 3?

Season 1 kicked off in February 2022 and season 2 began in February 2023, so it feels like a safe assumption that the third season would come out in February 2024. But, of course, that can't happen without Peacock's confirmation. We'll have to wait for the official announcement about the release date to know for sure!

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