Gluten-Free Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cake

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Today’s beautiful wreath cake comes from Ella Leché and her blog, Pure Ella, a 2014 Saveur Best Family Cooking Blog finalist.

Four months after her daughter was born, Leché’s life changed. She was experiencing weakness in all her limbs, and she could barely do simple tasks such as brush her teeth or carry her own daughter. She was later diagnosed with a “medically incurable” illness Myasthenia Gravis, a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disesase. 

With no real cure Leché, took control of her health. She took care with what she put in her body; by eliminating wheat, processed foods, dairy, and meat she was able to vastly decrease the symptoms of her disease. Her hope through this blog “is to remove the confusion what ‘healthy food’ really is” by just living “healthier through foods that are good for you”.

In other words, healthy eating doesn’t mean staying away from cake altogether. Leché’s four-layered cake has just seven ingredients, one of which is a gluten-free flour mix that can be found at most supermarkets. Leché makes a vegan frosting using coconut milk and vegan butter spread and garnishes the top of the cake with pomegranate seeds and fresh rosemary sprigs. She claims this cake is “naughty and nice because it tastes sinful but it’s good for you!” 

Get this recipe: Gluten-Free Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cake


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