Glow Recipe’s New Avocado Serum Banishes Redness & Irritation Overnight

Elizabeth Denton
·1 min read

They’ve done it again. Just a few weeks after their Watermelon serum went viral on TikTok, Glow Recipe launched another product that’s set to blow up, too. The Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum was made for sensitive skin to soothe and calm redness, irritation and dehydration. Even if you don’t have dry skin, this can help repair a damaged moisture barrier that happens for all kinds of reasons and you might not even know it’s there.

All the acids we love, the BHAs and AHAs, the retinoids, can help unclog pores and smooth out the skin’s texture. But it can also leave your skin a little sensitized. That happens if you don’t use the right hydration with these types of products, or if you use them too...

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