Gloria Steinem turns 84: 'I still love every minute'

Gloria Steinem Birthday

Believe it or not, Gloria Steinem is officially 84—and she's still as badass as ever.

"I have no idea how I got to be this old, but I still love every minute!" she tells MAKERS.

Over the years we've honored Steinem—whom we affectionately call our Mother MAKER—with notable women across all industries such as Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Michelle Obama, and Dolores Huerta discussing the Gloria Steinem Effect. We've witnessed her share powerful conversations during our annual MAKERS Conference. And we've worked with her to amplify the stories of the forgotten feminists in history, especially women of color because as she has said, "If it's all white, it's not feminism."

This year, MAKERS asked what we could do to help the feminist icon celebrate her big day. Here are 10 "gifts" that we can all give to Gloria—and to ourselves.

1. Watch Irene Lustig's Yours In Sisterhood, a tribute to the letters that came to Ms. Magazine.

2. Understand DARVO. What's that, you ask? Learn here.

3. Seek out the hidden figures who have shaped your life—and history. Here are a few of Gloria's favorites on MAKERS: Byllye Avery, Barbara Smith and Diane Nash.

4. Continue to supportMarch for Our Lives. As Gloria has said: "We will never reduce the number of violent Americans, from bullies to killers, without challenging the assumptions on which masculinity is based: That males are superior to females, that they must find a place in a male hierarchy, and that the ability to dominate someone is so important that even a mere insult can justify lethal revenge."

5. Read The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff to better understand that the paradigm of society is a circle not a pyramid.

6. Try to free yourself of an age-old pattern that Gloria has discussed throughout her career: The inferior group always gets the adjective while the powerful one gets the noun.

7. Get together in person. Pressing send isn't enough. We need to be together, using all five senses.

8. Behave as if everything you do matters, because it just might.

9. Laugh, "as laughter is the only truly free emotion."

10. Remember, as Gloria always says, it doesn't matter if you know who she is, it matters that you know who you are.