'Give me the belt!': Fuming mom's punishment of teen son gets Twitter blow-by-blow and divides internet

A mom has become a viral meme star after chasing her 14-year-old son and beating him with a belt after he drove her BMW without permission.

The boy’s sister, Liza Compero, captured the chase-down and punishment of her brother Aaron in a series of climactic tweets — starting from the moment he disconnected the family’s Wi-Fi to conceal his prank right up to when their mother delivered the blows after a car chase in the streets of El Paso, Texas. “My … brother disconnected the WiFi so my mom wouldn’t be able to see her cameras and took her brand new BMW to his gf’s house,” Liza tweeted Friday. “I shouldn’t be laughing but damn.”

First, armed with a belt to “whoop his ass,” Liza and her mom search for the teen at his girlfriend’s house.

While the mom drives, she receives a tip-off about her son’s whereabouts from another parent, then calls her husband. “Telling my dad the tea,” Liza tweets.

“I just found him!” exclaims the mom in the next video, captioned, “RIP to my brother.” Pulling up behind her son while behind the wheel of another car, his mom yells, “Pull over now!” and instructs Liza to “Give me the belt!” She jumps out of the car, runs to her BMW and pulls open the driver’s side door, then starts whipping the teen, all while Liza cracks up.

On Monday, Liza and Aaron sat down for a 25-minute debriefing on YouTube. “He is grounded, probably till 2019,” says Liza, adding that Aaron’s girlfriend is no longer allowed to attend homecoming with him. She explained that because their mother receives alerts when the Wi-Fi is down and the home’s doors are open, Aaron had preemptively called her about the glitch.

Afterward, the teen slipped out the door and drove his mom’s car to pick up his friend; the pal’s younger brothers became suspicious and alerted their mom — who in turn alerted Aaron’s mom.

Liza said that because her brother is treated more leniently, “Handing that belt over was a pleasure, a rite of passage.” That day their mother also made Aaron do manual labor at her office.

In the video, Liza said her brother isn’t a “bad kid,” while Aaron said, “I just don’t think right.”

Responses on YouTube and Twitter — where the thread has more than 145,000 likes — range from comments such as “Your mom’s a hero” and “good job!” to “a little too much information” and “a disgusting use of social media as [the siblings] portray Aaron as good, thereby tarnishing their mother’s reputation.”

The siblings also tackled Aaron’s controversial punishment. “A lot of people were mad at my mom for spanking Aaron,” said Liza. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion — some parents spank, some parents do time-out, to each their own.” She also said that Aaron had stolen his mother’s car in the past, and when it happened again she lost her temper.

Aaron and Liza’s mother did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

“I deserved it,” said Aaron. “It was a bad choice, and I just can’t do it again.”

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