Gisele Bündchen's Mega-Toned Booty 🍑 Is Hella Fierce In New IG Bikini Photos

Gisele Bündchen's Mega-Toned Booty 🍑 Is Hella Fierce In New IG Bikini Photos

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One of the many fun traditions on Mother's Day is all the social media love shared for, and by, moms on the special day. ICYMI, Gigi Hadid shared an adorable photo dump of her daughter's dinners; Reese Witherspoon shared a sweet selfie with all her kiddos on the beach; Gisele even shared a photo dump of throwbacks to honor the occasion—and not that it's a contest, but I think she might have won!

Gisele is certainly mothering in the photos, and not just because they feature her kids. The supermodel shared a sweet tribute to all mothers out there on her Instagram, and included several bikini photos where she was totally serving.

In a few of the photo's from her latest dump, Gisele's mega-toned abs, legs and arms were on total display—and some photos even showed a peek of her super sculpted booty. The pics also showed very real and sweet #mom moments, featuring the Brazilian model's three children: Jack, Benjamin, and Vivian Lake. Commenters were sending Gisele lots of well wishes, "❤️," and, of course, "😍" emojis.

In one of the throwback bikini photos, Gisele truly embodies motherhood by standing on one leg in a leopard print bikini, while holding her daughter in one arm. It's all about balance! Gisele was also super confident and glowing in the pic, flaunting her washboard abs. Not to mention, her leg muscles were popping off!

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If you're wondering how Gisele kept her balance, it might be because of her dedication to yoga. The Brazilian model has practiced the activity for many years, and even wrote that it "gave [her] back [her] life" in her book, Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life.

Gisele updates her followers on her yoga journey quite frequently. She even included a slide of her doing a cobra pose with her son in her latest post. The supermodel has noted the meditative qualities of the workout, but she also loves how it tones her body.

Gisele also pursues Pilates, swimming, and even Brazilian jiu jitsu to get her exercise fix, per British Vogue. The 42-year-old mother of three regularly gets up at 5 a.m. (!!) to meditate and workout, per British Vogue.

"Gisele is a true athlete—she’s physically strong and has an incredible, deep mind-body connection," Nonna Gleyzer, Giselle's Pilates instructor, told British Vogue in 2022.

As for her diet, Gisele has a mainly plant-based diet (though she does eat meat and fish from time to time), per Marie Claire. She also partakes in intermittent fasting twice a week, per her book, and drinks a morning juice with fresh fruits, veggies, and coconut milk.

I guess you can blame this post on her juice (à la the Lizzo song). Keep slaying, Gisele!

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