Girls5eva has just dropped on Netflix and fans are all in agreeance about something

girls5eva fans have same opinion
Girls5eva on Netflix fan reactionPeacock/YouTube

Here are three of life's simplest pleasures: Bubble baths, sunsets,
and when Netflix recognises a 10/10 show and adds all of the episodes to the streaming platform. Girls5eva is one of these series, and much to our (and the rest of the world's delight) it has recently been uploaded for us to binge-watch until our heart's content.

ICYMI, the show follows a one-hit-wonder 90s girl group who attempt to make a comeback after a young rapper samples their track. While simultaneously navigating middle age, relationships, kids, work, and, according to the synopsis, "shoulder pain," the series features an all-star cast, including Sara Bareilles, Emily in Paris' Ashley Park, and Paula Pell. Oh, and Tina Fey was one of the producers.

girls5eva fans have same opinion

And now that it's made its way onto Netflix, naturally, it's collected a whole new audience and a whole load of new fans. So of course, Twitter is going wild, and dubbing it a "must-see."

Taking to the social media platform to confirm this, one fan wrote: "#GIRLS5EVA is an absolute must-see. It's just come onto Netflix from Peacock and I've already rinsed the first series. It's so stupid and hilarious! The writing, the cast and the songs are rock-solid laugh-out-loud gold. You can so tell it's cut from the same cloth as 30 Rock," they added, referencing Tina Fey's long-running sitcom in which she stars as Liz Lemon, the head writer of a sketch comedy show.

Other viewers were quick to agree, as another user typed: "Public announcement! - the hilarious #Girls5Eva is now on Netflix. If you love Tina Fey sitcoms, and 90s girl bands reforming in middle age, you’re gonna love this," while someone else said: "I'm so happy this show is in my life #Girls5eva."

And while further fans added that they're "obsessed" and if you haven't watched it yet "you're missing out," we can't help but agree with them...

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