Girlfriend goes through boyfriend's phone and discovers adorable note: 'I’ll never experience this type of love'

A couple on TikTok just made everybody reconsider their relationship goals — one woman may have the best boyfriend.

TikToker Juana shared this heartwarming clip to display an entire note page her boyfriend created on his phone dedicated to her favorite things.

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As Juana scrolls through the note, viewers can see various details that her boyfriend jotted down to reference on future occasions. Juana’s boyfriend’s note includes:

“I’m not crying, you are,” Juana wrote in the video’s caption.

Viewers found Juana’s boyfriend’s dedication to their relationship adorable, admiring the effort he put into organizing the list and remembering details about his girlfriend.

“The way he took pictures of the products you use,” a TikToker commented with a crying emoji.

“IF HE WANTED TO, HE WOULD,” another wrote.

“The organization, the detail, love this for you!” someone said.

Other TikTok users lamented in the comments to express their wish to find a love like Juana’s for themselves.

“Then there’s my bf who forgot how old I was 3 times,” one TikToker noted.

“The things we wish to find when going through our man’s phone,” a person joked.

“I feel like I’ll never experience this type of love,” someone said.

“One day!” Juana replied.

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