Girlfriend re-gifts boyfriend’s expensive Christmas present: ‘Messed up’

A woman is under fire for “re-gifting” her boyfriend’s laptop to her sister.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend regularly complained about needing a new laptop. His main complaint was the speed.

Whenever he would get upset, she’d subtly ask questions to figure out what kind of laptop he’d want. She decided to surprise him with a $1,300 laptop for Christmas.

“Christmas day came and I gave my boyfriend the laptop. He was so excited, until he saw the specs,” she wrote. “When he saw that the laptop had 8GB of RAM, he was really, really disappointed.”

He wanted more RAM and didn’t think he could work from such a “slow machine.” The issue turned into an argument.

“I tried to explain to him that I had done my best and spent a lot of money on the laptop, so he should appreciate it,” she explained. “But he wasn’t having it. He said he would rather return the laptop and get the one he wanted.”

She refused to accommodate him. Instead, she gave the laptop to her sister, who is in college. Now her boyfriend is furious because he thinks she should have just let him exchange it.

Redditors thought the girlfriend should have listened.

“She messed up,” a user commented. “She thinks she got a thoughtful gift but didn’t actually give said gift much thought.”

“It would’ve been no big deal to just exchange it for the model he actually needs,” another said.

“It was no longer hers to gift once she gave it to him,” someone added.

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