Girlfriend furious after boyfriend drives off to wedding without her: ‘Immature’

A man went to a wedding without his girlfriend because he refused to open the car door for her.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. He and his girlfriend were late for a wedding because she was in hair and makeup. He waited for her in the car. But when she was ready to go, she asked him to open the car door for him.

He asked her why and she explained she saw a TikTok trend about it. She thought it was a sign of respect. He refused. She got upset.

“I told her I’d drive off and leave her behind but she said she wouldn’t get in unless and until I open the door for her,” he explained. “I ended up just driving off and leaving her behind and going to the wedding.”

She flooded him with messages but he ignored them. When he returned, they argued. She blamed his “stubbornness and selfishness” for her missing the wedding.

People understood why he reacted the way he did to his girlfriend’s request.

“She sounds immature and chronically online,” a user wrote.

TikTok trends are not meant to be relationship advice,” another commented.

“Her OWN stubbornness and selfishness caused her to miss the wedding,” someone said.

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