Girl tests guys' loyalty to their girlfriends by hitting on them

Sydney Di Cola, who has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, has been conducting “loyalty

tests” on behalf of her followers.

The test is simple: she finds any

given guy’s Instagram account.

hits on him via direct message and

sees whether he will take the bait.

Di Cola says one girl was willing

to pay her $100 to carry out a

loyalty test on her boyfriend.

Upon receiving the boyfriend’s Instagram handle, Di Cola then messages him.

“If you played soccer, I bet you’d play goalie, cause you’re a keeper,” she writes him.

Though the boyfriend says the compliment

is unexpected, he returns it and asks

Di Cola whether she’s in college.

“Yea I am!” Di Cola responds. “You should

give me your [Snapchat handle] so we

can get to know each other better”.

When the boyfriend replies by apologizing for having a girlfriend, Di Cola, in turn, hints that he can always have her “on the side”.

The boy writes back “I guess” and

shares his Snapchat handle.

telling Di Cola to add him as a

friend only when he tells her to.

Di Cola’s post has since gone viral, receiving nearly 3 million likes and more than 7,000 comments criticizing the boyfriend

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