People Have Gotten Their Hands On The New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor And Totally Love The French Toast Taste

Kristin Salaky
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Photo credit: Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Kristin Salaky

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Update: January 20, 2021

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us and there are quite a few ways to get your go-to boxes ordered this year. In some areas, the cookies will be available for contactless pick-up or delivery so you can be sure to support local Girl Scout troops while still being as safe as possible. Even better, a new cookie called the Toast-Yay! will be available in some areas, and those that already picked up a few boxes are loving it.

Back in August it was announced that the new French toast-inspired cookies would be joining the ranks of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Trefoils in the 2021 cookie season. Although the breakfast adjacent flavor is a new venture for Girl Scout cookies, those that have tried them already have been blown away. @Dadbodsnacks bought a box of Toast-Yay! cookies and gave them a glowing review on Instagram.

"Toast-Yay cookies are French toast inspired cookies...and they simply nailed the flavor. SO SO GOOD! It’s hard to not eat the entire package in one sitting," he wrote. Not that I needed more convincing to get my order of Girl Scout cookies in ASAP.

Original Post: August 18, 2020

The Girl Scout Cookie line-up is full of nothing but hits. Thin Mints? Amazing. Tagalongs? Inspired. Trefoils? Classic. So when a new cookie comes along, you know it has to be a heavy hitter to be included amongst these greats. That's where the organization's new French Toast-inspired cookie comes in.

The Girl Scouts are looking ahead to the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie season with the announcement of their newest cookie, Toast-Yay! The cookie is really shaped like a piece of toast and is a delicious, crunchy French Toast-inspired cookie with one side dipped in icing. Toast-Yay!s will be available in select markets starting in the 2021 season.

We got a chance to try them ahead of their official release and, guys, they're SO good. The first thing you'll notice is that they come in a bit of a different box, more like what you'd find in a supermarket cookie. Next, you'll see that these are HUGE cookies, so while you'll want to eat the whole box, one or two will probably be enough to keep you satisfied. Finally, once you taste them, you'll see just how great they are. They taste just like the classic brunch dish but somehow even better. Let's just say I had to hide them in my house so they weren't all gone before I could write this story.

These cookies will not be the only thing different about the 2021 GS cookie season. They'll also be offering online cookie booths and socially distant or contactless sales and delivery options in select areas, expanding on all the smart and safe innovations they implemented during the 2020 season, as COVID-19 hit the U.S. To see how Girl Scouts near you will be selling their cookies and if you'll be able to buy Toast-Yay!, you can contact your local council.

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